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Winged Warriors - The Cold War from the Cockpit is an open and honest account of one man’s perceptions and his fears, his actions and his mistakes, from a flying career that spanned five thousand flying hours in single or twin-engine aircraft over four decades. While the tale touches on many aspects of military service, it is not about war or war-fighting; it shows that military service is about real people and their highs and lows, ordinary people who sometimes found themselves in extraordinary circumstances. And it is about training and tragedy. 

This true story is also about a generation of aircrew many of whom gave their lives in preserving peace during and after the Cold War. And it is those crews who stand out in Winged Warriors, true warriors in every sense of the word, blessed with an irrepressible sense of humour regardless of circumstance, a humour that was typically British and very typically RAF.

Paul served with 14 Squadron as a Tornado pilot and Flight Commander from 1985 to 1988